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Combine ideas, money and opportunities to start business in Poland.

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Our Purpose:

We combine resources to build a business and make a profit in Poland and other countries of EU. Support of business network with offices in different cities of Poland.

Why Us?

We are entrepreneurs who have our own business in Poland. We constantly face and solve exactly the same business issues as you do. We understand that with joint efforts and mutual aid we could achieve much better results than acting alone.

What We Do?

We form an extensive business network. We earn money together in joint projects. We consult and help to solve various business issues. is a platform on which experienced entrepreneurs help start and develop business in Poland and other countries of EU.

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Platform (4)

What this Platform is about?
A Platform is a pool of all resources you need to start and develop your business: web site, investment fund, opportunities to participate in joint projects, business community, meetings, trainings, consulting. So, it’s a collection of ideas, money and entrepreneurs with common purpose to make a profit.
Why do I need this Platform?
What are the purposes of the Platform?
Who will be interested in the Platform?

Meetings (4)

What meeting are held?
  1. Networking meetings. The goal is just to share business cards and meet new people.
  2. Crash meetings. The goal is to smash your business idea into smithereens by experienced businessmen, i.e. testing of business ideas
  3. Educational meetings. The goal is to meet with mega experts in concrete previously defined sphere of business and discuss all the questions and issues related to that sphere.
  4. Financial meetings. The goal for Investors is to find projects to finance, and for entrepreneurs - to find money.
When is the next meeting?
How these meetings will help me solve my business objectives?
Who will attend the meetings? (Available languages)

Business (2)

Do you give business loans?
Yes, if your project is interesting for us. Please send us your request and we will contact you shortly.
Which options of starting business do you offer?

Services (3)

What services do you offer?
How much do your services cost?
The price depends on the type of actions, tasks and time required for fulfilment. Please send us your request and we will contact you shortly with cost calculation.

Other (2)

I want to join the development of the Platform. How can I do this?
I’m a service provider, can I offer my services to the Platform?
Yes, we can include you to our partnership programs if your services meet quality criteria. is an active business community. We do our meetings in four formats in different Polish cities (Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Rzeszow). Join us!

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Business Networking Meetup

Business meeting for exchanging contacts, experience, useful information and services. The goal is to find new contacts, expand your business network, discuss and solve current business issues. Expected number of participants 50-100. The meeting will be useful for everybody involved in business and entrepreneurship.

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